Journey so far…

Spacebound Labs started out as Ideal Arch Visuals back in early 2015. From a single workstation to a small office, and now a comprehensive production studio, our journey has been exciting all these years.

Over the years, we have worked with some of the big names in architecture from Poland, London, Canada, France, Belgium, India, and many other countries. We have established long-term trust and friendship with our clients that have been the secret of our continued growth.

Although our journey was filled with many challenges and constraints, it also helped us to become the most innovative and fastest-growing visualization studio in the country. Gathering up the top talents under a single roof and establishing a work culture that we are really proud of, has been the most rewarding outcome from this.


Creativity and Innovation are the driving force behind our work philosophy. Every day is a new mission for us and we strive to reach for the stars. Once we shoot ourselves into the atmosphere, there’s no looking back. This drives us to look for unique and innovative solutions for all of our projects.

Meet the Team

Kartik Reddy


Kartik Reddy, founder of Ideal Arch Visuals later renamed to Spacebound Labs.

Riston Arul

Creative Director

Riston Arul, a gem of a person is the Creative Director of Spacebound Labs. He was hired as an Intern just after his graduation and steadily climbed to the top by proving his exceptional skills in both creativity & management.

Sameer Pattnayak

Development Manager

Sameer Pattnayak, Development Manager at Spacebound Labs, is a person responsible for multiple departments at SBL. He takes care of the Legal, Social Media, Office Finance, Human Resources and any other tasks that may require his attention.

Akash Ashok

Senior 3d Artist

Akash Ashok, is one of the Key Pillars of Spacebound Labs. He's the earliest member of the Spacebound Labs (Ideal Arch Visuals) team who has seen all and developed with the studio.

Rajeswar Karpoor

Senior 3d Artist

Rajeswar, or better known as Raj, is the Senior Artist in the Spacebound Labs team. He's the most funny, sassy and hardworking artist in the team.

Saiprem Gadepalli

3d Artist

G Saiprem, also known as Prem, is a 3d Artist working at Ideal Arch Visuals (Spacebound Labs). He loves working with Interior Images.

Rachana Sevalkar

3d Artist

Rachana Sevalkar, currently working as a 3d Artist (remote) from Pune for Ideal Arch Visuals (Spacebound Labs)

Anshuman Dash

3d Artist

Anshuman Dash, currently working as a 3d Artist at Spacebound Labs, is a seasoned 3d visualizer who started his career as a game level designer & 3d Modeler. He has proved to be a great 3d artist who can handle both Interior & Exterior visualizations for Architectural projects.

Arshi Wakar

3d Artist

Arshi Wakar, a talented 3d Interior artist from Jharkhand who is responsible for most of the Interior Images that goes out of the studio.

Pritika Kumari

3d Artist

Pritika Kumari, a proficient 3d Interior artist from Spacebound Labs (Ideal Arch Visuals). She is the part of artists who handle the Interior parts of our visualization projects.

S Saikrishna

Office Admin

S Sai Krishna, also known as Sai, is the Office Administrator at Spacebound Labs. He takes care of the day-to-day activities & record keeping for Spacebound Labs.

Aditya Krishna

Junior 3d Artist

Aditya Krishna, is a Junior 3d Artist, currently employed at Ideal Arch Visuals.

Hrishikesh Tompe

3d Modeler

Hrisikesh Tompe, is a 3d artist in training at the Spacebound Labs office. He is currently transitioning to 3d visualization from 3d modeling.

Balaji Potdar

3d Modeler

Balaji Potdar, from Nanded is working as a 3d Modeler at Spacebound Labs. He is the first person who works on most projects before they are transferred to the visualizers.

Nabin Thapa

Office Attendant

Nabin Thapa, the office attendant at Spacebound Labs. He spends his usual day taking care of everyone's needs at SBL office. After his work hours he loves Dancing and Backflipping.


Senior Happiness Officer

Astro, is a year old Golden Retriever puppy. Son of Kartik Reddy and the Senior Happiness Office at Spacebound Labs.


Happiness Officer Trainee

Charlie, is a shih-tzu puppy, who spends his day playing and sleeping at the Spacebound Labs (Ideal Arch Visuals) office. He's very affectionate towards biting shoe-laces and stealing socks.